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Yishai Ashkenazi

Co-Founder of Artzi

Shira Golan

    Music and Theater Track

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Our Team

Our Team

Yehudah Katz

Musical Beit Midrash Chair 

Rabbi Gedaliah Gurfein

Talmud Teacher


Roi Levy

Music Track


Rosi Richman

Beit Midrash Co-Chair

Eti Pogrebinsky

 Visual Arts Track

  Theater and Animation

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                 Golan Azulay                       Drama Program Chair

Our team of dedicated teachers and artists are available to ensure that each and every student receives the individual attention they deserve. All of our eclectic staff members are trained professionals in their field and are ready to assist in the classroom and serve as role models, guiding the students on a personal level through their life journey, ready to answer any and all questions with an open mind. We consider Artzi an educational and eye opening platform from which we hope our students will derive the wisdom and courage to reach the conclusions that resonate with them. We encourage exploration, self expression and believe that the ultimate answers will come from within.  

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