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Our Classes

Our curriculum, like our student body, is diverse and quite unique. We offer a range of visual arts, drama, music and dance classes, as well as a variety of Tanach, Jewish philosophy and modern Jewish thought classes. We learn traditional as well as modern texts. Even when teaching traditional texts and ideas, our methods are far from traditional. All of our courses are interactive, open discussion and conducted in a spiritual context with an open minded approach. We do our best to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to express themselves and ask questions. Students are encouraged to take the year to explore new ideas, soak in the knowledge from their courses, interactions and experiences and ultimately reach their own conclusions.


We want our students to become as integrated into the Israeli lifestyle as possible and to get a true feel of what it's like to live as a local and communicate like one as well. To ease the initial culture shock/integration period, we offer an intensive Ulpan course for the first two months of the program, followed by a class once a week for the duration of the program. Interactions with the Israeli students in the program also help the students pick up the language faster.

Each student is provided with a personal mentor to guide them through the year and work with them one-on-one on their projects/performances for the midterm exhibition, as well as furthering their knowledge and skill set in the craft of their choice. Our goal is to have students complete the year with a better understanding of who they are as a person, a Jew and an artist, as well as leaving with a better idea of how to move forward with their passion in the professional industry.

Please see the attached sample weekly calendar to get an even better sense of the amazing program we have in store.

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