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The Artistic Gap Year in Israel

Are you creative? Do you want to take your passion to the next level? If you want to discover Israeli culture, connect with your Jewish identity and travel through one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then Artzi is the program for you!

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Join us for an awesome 10 month artistic gap year program for Jewish high school graduates from all over the world!

While there are many unbelievable gap year programs of all kinds, there are none quite like the creative gap year we've created at Artzi . At Artzi, we believe in self expression through the arts and we are proud to introduce the first ever artistic gap year program. We aim to serve the niche audience of young adults who are committed to a creative genre of dance, music, theater, or visual arts, and want to be immersed in the life of a rich and diverse country, while learning about Judaism and connecting to their Jewish identity. We create an environment in which the students have the freedom to express themselves, utilize their artistic talents, fall in love with the land, and nurture a lifelong connection with the people and state of Israel (outside the Anglo bubble). Artzi is a fun, all encompassing program filled with high level courses, private artistic mentors, field trips, hikes, volunteer opportunities, communal activities, and fun unique experiences which connect Jewish students from around the world, while promoting core values of the Arts, Israel, and Judaism.


Come explore who you are as an artist, Jew, and person, make new friends, discover Israeli culture and travel through one of the most beautiful countries in the world, volunteer, learn about your Jewish heritage and gain professional experience while continuing to do what you love and having the best year ever!

What are you waiting for? The gap year of your dreams is just a click away!

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