Borden Tunnel

Borden Tunnel

The 957-foot Borden Tunnel passes through a rugged ridge in the Allegheny Mountains, carrying bicyclists, hikers, runners, and walkers.  The tunnel is wide and sports new lighting triggered by motion detectors, but do take caution when traveling from end to end.  Nestled into the mountains and away from prevailing winds, it may be the quietest place along the entire GAP.    

Tunnel History

The Borden Tunnel was constructed in 1911 by the Western Maryland Railway as part of its expansion from Cumberland to Connellsville. It is a semicircular arched tunnel and its rectangular cement portals have corbeled edges.  It was abandoned in the 1970’s and returned to use for the Great Allegheny Passage.  

Nearest Trailhead

The nearest trailhead is Frostburg, which is about 2.5 miles east.