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Artzi Gap Year and COVID-19


I would like to bring to to your attention several important updates about our program:


1. Dates of the program are August 29th, 2022 - June29th, 2023 = a total of 10 months;


2. Locations: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and a Kibbutz. 3 months in a Kibbutz Bachan, Emek Hefer, (30 minutes from Netanya), with planned trips and days away around the country; followed by 3 months in the Tel Aviv area and the last three months in the Jerusalem area.


3. Tuition is $26,500; 


4. All applicants must apply before December 31ST, 2021 and pay the registration fee here:


5. For all other questions, please feel free to email me (Yishai) at or to send me a message to my               WhatsApp +972-54-4537684. Further details re the program content can be found on our website:


6. An official decision to open the gap year program will be based upon government regulations and the current status of COVID-19, and we will inform you no later than May 1st, 2022.


7. In case of a new outbreak of COVID-19 post-registration and before the commencement of the gap year, a full refund   minus the registration fee will be provided. If there will be an official requirement to specifically protect the students on the     program at any point after it has commenced, we will act according to government regulations and keep our students  under strict quarantine facilities and in a "capsule" environment. Tuition fees will be reimbursed for any students who          choose to leave according to the refund policy stated in the Student Handbook.


And lastly, please feel free to spread the word and ask your friends to join us!


Especially in these times of Post-Corona, our specific program offers a much smaller and more protective space for our students. Naturally, all the health ministry restrictions and regulations will be put into place and adhered to prior to and during the program. 

Health insurance in Israel is covered by ARTZI, except for pre-existing medical and mental health issues, but you will need to ensure that you have separate cover for all your personal and travel insurance requirements.


All other rules and regulations are featured in the Student Handbook, which will be shared with you post-registration.


We are looking forward to welcoming you into the ARTZI family.


Warmest regards,


Yishai Ashkenazi 

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