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Application Proccess

First Steps:

  • Fill out our application (click here for the online version) ​​​​

  • In addition, the following documents must be sent as an attachment via email to or in order to complete the application process:

    • One letters of recommendation​

    • A short essay(max 2 pages) about why you want to come to Artzi

    • A copy of your passport 

    • Please complete the application in as much detail as possible. Allow at least one to two weeks for the application to be processed

  • Pay the $200 application fee by clicking here​. Nonrefundable! through AMI-Neshima's donation page.


  • Interview​ - The interview consists of a short conversation over the phone or skype. An Artzi associate will ask you some questions to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for our program and make sure you know what to expect.

Upon Acceptance:

  • Receive, read, and fill out the Acceptance Package.

  • Get excited to come to Israel and have your best year yet!

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