Who Are We?

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ARTZI, based in the Jerusalem hills at Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim, is a 9-month gap year program founded by AMI-Neshima,  supported by the Jewish Agency for Israel and their Kol Ami Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy.


Together, we have created a new and exciting gap year program for American, European and Israeli high school graduates. While there are many unbelievable gap year programs of all kinds, we felt that there was a void that needed to be filled, particularly in the department of creative arts. We took it upon ourselves to fill that void and create the first ever Jerusalem based artistic gap year program, serving the niche audience of young adults who are committed to a creative genre of dance, music, theater, or visual arts, and want to be immersed in the life of a rich and diverse country, while learning about Judaism and connecting to their Jewish identity in an eye-opening and enlightening manner. We create an environment in which the students have the freedom to express themselves, utilize their artistic talents, fall in love with the land, and nurture a lifelong connection with the people and state of Israel (outside the American bubble). Artzi is an all encompassing program filled with high level courses, trips, volunteer opportunities, communal activities, an internship program and fun unique experiences, which connects Jewish students from around the world, while promoting core values of the Arts, Israel, and Judaism. 


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Artists and Musicians for Israel - Neshima

Neshima, a program created and operated by the educational organization of Artists and Musicians for Israel (AMI), strives to utilize creative and artistic means to bridge together worlds that are ostensibly disparate: intellectualism with the arts, religious Jews with unaffiliated Jews, and classic Jewish texts with contemporary Israeli texts. We work to accomplish this by working with Israeli high school students, as well as students in pre-army conservatories, in order to help them find their true selves and connect to their Jewish identity. We are able to teach these ideas and help our students grow in an unparalleled way because we use the medium of the arts. Through this creative channel, our students are able to question and learn about their culture, identity and history on a deeper level, thereby connecting with their heritage.

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 For more information contact us at our Jerusalem office or through social media.  

  • Yishai Ashkenazi, Director: yishai@artists.org.il               
    Phone: (Israel) +972-544-537-684

     Address: 28 Pierre Koenig, Talpiyot

                   Jerusalem, Israel 9359002  


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