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Artzi campus is located in three areas Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and a Kibbutz Bachan (near Netanya ;Emek Hefer Regional Council)  we strongly believe that experiencing and living in Israel for a short period one can get a full story of Israel. Jerusalem - historically and religiously Tel Aviv - to better under the story of modern Israel and the Kibbutz to better understand the story of the founding fathers of the state of Israel. The apartments are fully equipped with beds, shower,  fully-functioning kitchen which is accessible to students at all times, laundry facilities and WIFI.

Girls and boys are in separate rooms– no more than 4 students per dorm room.


In addition to the program director and coordinator, there are 2 counselors who are present on campus throughout the day and the entire night. Their job is to oversee that life on campus runs smoothly and to be there for the students on a social and authoritative level. They are available to accompany the students to doctors' appointments, help them with any problems they may be having, and are there to be supportive on a friendly and emotional level so that students feel they have someone to talk to about any issues they may have or whatever it is they may be going through.   

Meal Plan

As a program, all the food we buy and serve is strictly kosher.

We have a fully functioning kitchen accessible to students at all times.

Breakfast is included in the fully stocked kitchen – for self preparation.

Lunch – cooked hot lunches – gluten, vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Dinner – communal dinners - Menus are planned and prepared by the students.

This is a great way to encourage responsibility, teamwork and of course basic experience in the kitchen.


Of course students are free to buy whatever they want outside, but we require all food that is brought into the kitchen and dorms to be kosher.



Tuition includes full board, health insurance, classes, trips, 3 meals a day, personal artistic mentors and the internship program. 

Tuition is US$ 26,500.

Scholarships are available for eligible students and can be applied for via the Jewish Agency or your local Jewish Federation.


Registration closes on December 31st 2021!! 

Phone Plan

Phone Plan:

The students need to rent/buy either a phone or SIM card. (TalkNSave, IsraelPhone, etc.) Students MUST have a working cellphone in order to receive alerts and updates from the administration.

We require the students to have an Israeli phone plan – with calls, sms, whatsapp, etc. so we keep track of their whereabouts.

Curfew is 12am on weekdays. Students need to be back in their dorms by then. There is no curfew Mon night and Sat nights. If a student wishes to sleep out, they need to fill out a form by Wed and receive permission.

In case of any drastic security issues, students are put on lock-down and are secured in the apartments with trained staff members.

The tuition includes full Healthcare coverage with great English-speaking doctors and 24 on call emergency centers.

Life on Campus 

We are strong believers in team work and responsibility, and with the intent of encouraging these qualities, have created organized committees in order to accommodate all issues pertaining to the student experience and life on campus, including social interactions, technical Issues with the rooms, dinner prep, communication with staff, trips, recruitment and Shabbat. Students feel like they have a say in what goes on and are able to come to conclusions in an organized and productive manner. Students are able to plan activities, outings and suggest future destinations for trips and professional guest speakers, etc.

"In Shabbatot":

We have 1 "In Shabbat" every three weeks which students are required to attend, but don’t be fooled by the word “required” - students look forward to these weekends! These Shabbatot enable us to relax and spend quality time together in various places around Israel without being side-tracked by hustle and bustle of the week's busy schedule and activities.

Program Dates/Breaks 


The 10 month gap year program begins in August 29th, 2022 and ends in June 29th ,2023 of the following year. 

Special Events: Every year, usually before the Purim holiday, (around Jan/Feb), we organize an exhibition, in which the students display their artwork/projects, and/or perform in front of a live audience, the material they have been working on with their private mentors throughout the first half of the program. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to show off their talents, display their knowledge and skill-sets of the craft they've have been practicing and work on the courage/self confidence to speak about their work or perform in front of real life critics and audience members. The event is definitely one of the highlights of the program.


We are off for the High-holidyas from September 23rd-September 28th for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kipur break is from Oct 4-5,22, Sukkot break is October 9th-17th, Hanukah and End of Year break is from December 23rd, 2022- Janurary 2nd 2023; Passover break is from March 30th - April 16, and Yom Haatzmaut break is on April 26th.

The students are free to fly home for the break; however, we strongly encourage them to stay and experience the holiday atmosphere in Israel. Many of the students spend weekends or holidays with their Israeli family members/friends, on campus or with their Israeli friends from the program who often invite them over. If they are looking for additional experiences in other parts of Israel, we are more than happy to help them with recommendations of places to visit and accommodations, (especially over the weekends when people all over Israel are happy to host and welcome Shabbat guests with open arms.)

Hashkafa/Religious Observance Level


Artzi is a coed program, open to Jewish male and female post high school students between the ages of 18-20. We are accepting of students from all Jewish backgrounds and all levels of religion. Students are not required to practice any specific level of religious observance while in the program. 

As a program, we do abide by strict kosher laws. All food and meals that are served are kosher to the highest standards. Our fully stocked kitchen, as well as all food that enters the shared kitchen on campus, must be kosher (to our standards). Students are given the freedom to purchase any food items and eat at whichever establishment they choose off campus. 


Students are required to participate in our in house Shabbats which take place once a month. All students must respect the laws of the Sabbath in the public living areas during these weekends, out of respect for those who wish to observe the Sabbath fully. Students are allowed to do whatever they choose in their private quarters, as long as they are respectful of their peers. Being mindful of others and respectful of other students' decisions, customs and views are values we strongly encourage. 


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